indie BFFs

BFFs aka Best Filmmaking Friends. What, you were thinking Best Friends Forever? Get a grip, we're not 11 year old girls. So, how do you, like, um, get to be our BFF?

It's a piece of cake. There are four easy steps:

  1. Follow us on Twitter.
  2. Like our Facebook page.
  3. Upload a video to your YouTube or Vimeo account shot entirely on the amazing indie™, that has a credit at the end, no less than 6 seconds long, which reads exactly thus:
    This video was shot entirely on an iPhone with the indie™ camera housing from Aeronautic Pictures.
  4. Send us a note to let us know - be sure to include a link to your video's url & your website.

A bit of housekeeping: Sorry, but the videos must be, in our sole opinion, family friendly, safe for work and free of hate speech, defamatory statements, etc.

BFFs will get their video added to our gallery here (as long as there is embed code to be had on your video host), and a link to their website or Facebook page, etc., along with gargantuan bragging rights.

Note please: We reserve the right to not add any video or links or to remove them for any reason. Hey, people do crazy stuff!