Which models of the Apple® iPhone fit the indie™?
Both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S fit the indie.
Will it work with my iPhone 3 or 3G?
Unfortunately, no.
Are you going to make a model to work with the iPhone 3 family of products?
Unfortunately, no.
Will the indie work with my iPhone 4 or 4S if it has been dropped?
Unfortunately, no. The tolerances for fitting the iPhone are very tight and exact. If your iPhone has been dropped chances are it has "swelling" that will prevent it from fitting the indie.
Will the indie work with my iPhone 4 or 4S if it has a screen protector?
Unfortunately, no. As mentioned above, the tolerances for fitting the iPhone are very tight and exact. If your iPhone has a screen protector, sticker or decal applied that will prevent it from fitting the indie iPhone 4 camera mount.
How soon will I get my indie if I pre-order?
Please allow 6-8 weeks for your indie to ship. Orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis. The sooner you order the faster your indie will be in your hands.
Can I make calls when my iPhone 4 or 4S is installed in the indie?
During our testing it seemed to work fine (when not in airplane mode!), but, um, why would you want to?
Can I use my iPhone's flash or video light when it is in the indie?
Yes, and no. If you are using the indie without an accessory lens, then yes, definitely. However, if you attach an accessory lens to the 37mm thread, the answer is no.
I see that the door closure system uses magnets, won't that mess with the video or photo stuff?
During our testing there were no issues detected with either photo or video recording due to the presence of magnets in the door closure system. Besides, they are located near magnets already installed (presumably) by Apple in the iPhone – the microphone and speaker on the end of the iPhone ought to include magnets (but don't take our word for it). However, those door closure magnets can erase or otherwise harm your other magnetic thingies so we will remind you, again, to keep them the heck away from your credit cards, floppy discs (still got those?), hard drives, and anything else that magnets can damage or erase. Just like you need to do with other magnetic stuff. Capisce? (aka kapish or do you understand?)
Why can't I select a faster – or any other – shipping method than USPS Priority Mail?
It did not seem to make sense to offer costly high speed shipping during the pre-order process since we are not offering delivery any sooner than 6-8 weeks at this time. That will change once we have inventory on hand. USPS also allows us to accommodate deliveries to PO Boxes as well as home and business addresses.
Why can't I order if I am outside of the USA? - UPDATED!
During this pre-order period we are trying to keep things as simple and straight forward as possible so we can avoid snafus and such. Dealing with customs officials, the many shipping services and costs of international delivery, etc., is not in the cards for a few months. Don't worry, you will eventually be able to order one from just about anywhere. International customers, purchase your indie from our friends at Adorama! (a new window will open)
What's included when I buy an indie?
In the box: A patent-pending indie iPhone 4 & 4S-compatible camera housing, magnetically closing housing door, handle, and a really brief and simple owner's manual. That's it! Oh, and our sincere gratitude and best wishes for your upcoming creative adventures with your awesome new indie. You can also get the indie without the handle. In that case, ur, the handle won't be in the box.
Will my indie protect my iPhone if I drop it?
Nope. Not in the least. The indie is a camera accessory to allow you to securely attach your iPhone to a tripod, crane, jib, monopod, handle (even cool ones we don't make), motion control track thingy (awesome for timelapse!), fluid head, and it gives you a crazy number of ways to attach all kinds of things to it like microphones, monitors, audio recorders, rails, matte boxes (and stuff like graduated filters in them there things), shoulder mounts, on-camera lighting and so much more. But it ain't a protective case and it won't protect your iPhone if you drop or otherwise abuse, harm or neglect the darn thing. Uhhh hmm. We hope that is clear.
Will my indie protect my iPhone from dust, rain, snow, sneezes or Jello Shots?
Uhh, no. Please see answer above for additional mission critical details.
Is my indie an underwater housing for my iPhone?
No. No. No. A thousand times no. Oh, hey, cast thy gaze two answers up.
Do the cool Apps you mention in the video(s) come with the indie?
Unfortunately, no. Ya gotta buy those, like other accessories, yourself.
Do you include a lens or external microphone?
Unfortunately, no. We are focusing on making the most awesome iPhone housing we can. That means we won't try to design optics like lenses or audio gear like a microphone. Besides, we bet you know better than we do what you want in a lens or mic. We have provided an amazing place to mount and attach those film making tools, which ones you pick are up to your bad self.
What about vignetting? Will my lens (not included with an indie) vignette when mounted on my awesome new indie?
It may or may not. In our testing the third party lenses we tried did not vignette at all when shooting video through the indie. However, we did see some vignetting when shooting still photos with one model of telephoto lens. The lack of any vignette in video mode we attribute to the smaller area of the CMOS sensor active during video mode. More of the sensor is in use when shooting stills and thus, we presume, likely to see the "edges" of accessory optics producing the vignette. It should be noted we never saw any vignette from simply shooting with an iPhone mounted in an indie with no third party lens attached. It was only with a telephoto attached and only in still photo (iPhoneography) mode. We are not claiming our testing was exhaustive. Please do your own tests before any important shoot. Your mileage may vary.
What about vignetting with 15mm rail or rod mounted accessories like a matte box?
Maybe. Maybe not. Common sense should prevail here. Sticking to a matte box with a wide opening and keeping it close to the front element of any third party lens you've mounted should avoid issues with vignetting while still offering the advantages of mounting graduated filters, the lens shade effect of the matte box, etc. Again, before any important shoot please do your own testing to prevent unpleasant surprises.
How do I mount 15mm rail or rods and related mounted accessories?
You'll need one or two (depending on what else you are mounting) so-called rail block (sometimes railblock) or rod clamp(s). If you are using two (most likely and the best approach) you'd pass the rails through the housing, slide the rail block over the rails or rods on the backside (user side), and tighten the clamps. Then slide the second rail block over the front side rails all the way back against the body to prevent your rods (or rails) from slipping. Again, tighten the clamps. We've seen inexpensive models online for about $15.00 (USD) each plus shipping. Once you have your rails in place you can add a matte box, twin forward mounted handles (very pro operating style), shoulder pad mount (if your rear rails are long enough), lights, flags, etc.
I work for a big company or government agency. Do you offer bulk discounts?
Please use our contact page to reach us about quantity purchases.
I represent a retail store or chain. How do I reach you to arrange offering the indie to my customers?
Please use our contact page to reach us about wholesale purchases.