Aerial Filming Los Angeles – Gyron Gimbal

One of the best aerial filming Los Angeles camera systems available is one you may not have heard of, the Gyron. It is an externally mounted gimbal similar in many ways to Cineflex (which we also provide). The Gryon gimbal we offer our Hollywood aerial cinematography clients is a feature-film quality solution for majestic, smooth and exciting aerial filming sequences.

Aerial Filming Los Angeles - Gyron Gimbal

Aerial Filming Los Angeles picture of the Gyron gimbal mounted on the nose of a helicopter for aerial video Los Angeles and Hollywood services.

Developed more recently than Cineflex, it is arguably a more advanced aerial camera system. Equipped as standard with the 6K Ultra High Definition RED Epic Dragon, it is certainly capable of delivering UHD video (and amazing still photos by the way) that will exceed the most demanding specifications and client requirements. Other cameras may be mounted in place of the RED Epic, including the Arri Alexa and Sony F55. If needed, we can also provide film camera based systems.

The Gyron is also capable of carrying several different cinema lens configurations, including what amounts to a virtual flying telescope, all the while keeping the resulting video smooth and steady. Another feature that sets Gyron apart from Cineflex is how it is controlled. With Cineflex, our aerial cinematographer (aka aerial director of photography or aerial operator) uses a joystick to pan and tilt the camera. Joysticks typically have “deadzones” (ask a video game player as they are very familiar with this concept). The deadzone is that region of joystick movement in the middle of one direction changing to the next. So, for example, where tilt “up” becomes tilt “down.” With the Gyron, there is no conventional joystick. Instead, expensive “force feel” controls are provided that are deadzone free. This theoretically means smoother camera moves when panning left to right or tilting up or down.

We think both systems are incredibly capable when matched to the requirements of the aerial filming task at hand. Contact us today so we can suggest the best solution for your feature film, tv commercial, television program or corporate video project.

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