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Aerial Filming Los Angeles

LearJet VectorVision Aerial Cinematography Hollywood

Here is a sample of our aerial filming Los Angeles work on a very cool theme park attraction. It was a simulator based ride, similar to Star Tours at Disneyland. In essence, the ride is a roller coaster that moves, but, it remains in one location. Take a moment and think about that.

Aerial Filming Los Angeles LearJet VectorVision Fighter Jet POV

Aerial Filming Los Angeles LearJet VectorVision Fighter Jet POV Simulator Ride – Sample of our Hollywood Aerial Director of Photography work.

And crucially for the theme park or venue operator, it is re-programmable. The same motion simulator ride can take passengers on a low altitude flight over Hawaii, a high speed run along Italian mountain roads, or zipping along through perilous gaps in an asteroid field in outer space.

To produce this film we flew a beautiful LearJet 25 out to Fox Field in Lancaster, California, equipped with two camera systems. For most of the film we shot with a nose mount to capture a pilot’s POV (Point of View). For the crucial “plane crash” sequence of the video, we took advantage of the capabilities of the VectorVision periscope system. VectorVision can be mounted either in the top or bottom of the LearJet. In fact, like its predecessor, AstroVision, it can be mounted in both the top and bottom of the aircraft the same time.

For our shoot, we put the VectorVision in the belly mount position. VectorVision, compared to AstroVision, has the unique ability to roll the horizon of the shot independently from the wings level status of the LearJet. This goes beyond simple horizon correction to enabling unique creative aerial cinematography expressions. In our case, it allowed us to safely shoot what feels like a very real near plane crash from the pilot’s POV, without any safety risk to our crew.

We shot on 35mm film using Arri (Arriflex) cameras. After development, the film was transferred from film to tape to the D2 digital format.

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