Aerial Photography Los Angeles

When seeking aerial photography Los Angeles services, thanks to the advent of drones (RC) and the existing options airplanes, helicopters, poles and balloons (mini-blimps), the choices have become rather overwhelming for many Los Angeles clients that just want to get that aerial photograph and get it at an affordable price.

Aerial Photography Los Angeles

Aerial Photography Los Angeles View of Santa Monica Bay {Purchase: Santa Monica Bay Aerial Stock Photo}

Aerial Photography Los Angeles

Learn How To Best Hire The Experts

First let’s deal with drones, shall we? No matter what you’ve been told, with very few exceptions, use of drones in Los Angeles aerial filming, aerial photography or any other commercial activity, is not permitted according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) statements.

It is true that some seven motion picture supporting companies have received limited “exemptions” for drone use on sanitized movie sets (that means controlled access, stunt people, etc.) These companies went to great expense to get these permits and you can expect their fees to be equal to the use of real full size helicopters to recover those costs.

Anyone without explicit FAA permission performing “commercial” activities with their drones faces potential charges and fines if caught. Please note: Nothing herein is legal advice – ask your own lawyer for guidance. But we are licensed real airplane pilots who can read regulations and understand the FAA’s statements and this is what they mean to us.

If you are considering hiring a drone operator in Los Angeles, ask them for written proof of FAA permission. Also ask them to provide you with written proof they are insured for commercial drone operations. If they are not, and anything goes wrong, your insurance, and your client’s homeowner’s insurance, may be vapor.

Vapor? It may exist, but we’ve not seen insurance that is valid for a known unlawful activity. So by “vapor” we mean that you may be personally held financially responsible in the event of an accident because such drone flying is likely unlawful and the insurance company(s) won’t be there for you. In an industry where reputation is so very valuable, think carefully about even associating yourself and your office with something so legally suspect. In a fire-prone region like Southern California, insurance and careful operation are especially critical. Drones are battery powered using the same technology as Tesla cars. Bad crashes, and other problems, sometimes leads to nasty battery fires just like those Tesla cars. Seriously, do you want any part of that in tinder-dry Los Angeles?

It won’t be like this forever; in February 2015 the FAA published new rules that could provide the framework for folks to get licensed to offer drone real estate services in Los Angeles, and elsewhere in the USA legally, but those rules won’t go into effect for about two more years. Once they are in place, licensed operators will have demonstrated they have the knowledge and skill to safely offer drone services. They will also be able to obtain valid insurance for those operations. And all will be good in the land…

In the meantime, what can a smart real estate professional with elite listings like yourself do? Here are a few options:

Poles and Blimps. Well, some folks think these are useful but in most cases to us these look like they were shot from some nearby balcony. So, as you might expect, we don’t offer this service because we don’t think it brings real value to you.

Real aerial photography is produced in real aircraft like helicopters and airplanes. Notwithstanding cost, helicopters are usually the very best choice. They can hover (but contrary to reputation they don’t really like to), fly lower (closer to your listing), slower and with more precision in their positioning. Lower and slower than what? Than airplanes. Airplanes are a bit less expensive but by regulation, over built up areas like most of Los Angeles, they have a higher minimum altitude than helicopters. Airplanes can’t hover at all (even if they really want to when they grow up), and while some very special models can fly really slow, most can’t match a helicopter there either.

Talk to us about your listing’s location, your budget, and marketing goals, and we can suggest which approach makes the most sense for your specific situation. Don’t worry, we won’t try to force a solution on you. We don’t own any airplanes or helicopters. We hire professionally maintained aircraft flown by pilot’s with commercial pilot’s licenses. Since we don’t “need” to make this month’s payment on any aircraft, we are free to match the best machine to your project.

Ready to take that next step? Contact us for a free, no obligation quote today, or check out more information about our Aerial Photography Los Angeles services or Aerial Photography Los Angeles Prices.

We look forward to speaking with you and helping sell that listing soon!

By the way, the beautiful aerial photo at the top of this page is available for purchase, as are countless others, to help you sell the Los Angeles lifestyle on your website, collateral materials, and advertising. And the prices are really amazing. To learn more, please visit this page on our site: Los Angeles Aerial Stock Photo

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