Aerial Photography Los Angeles – LAX Aerial View

Aerial Photography Los Angeles

LAX Aerial View

This aerial view of Los Angeles International Airport or LAX is a great example of why you want to hire us for your next LA aerial photography project. Our client on this job needed images shot incredibly close to the airport and needed them on a tight deadline. As you might imagine, the air traffic controllers at LAX look very cautiously at any request to fly at low altitude and circling near the steady stream of air travel traffic they primarily control every day.

Fortunately, our Los Angeles aerial photographer is a pilot himself and has excellent working relationships with air traffic agencies all around Southern California. Using his contacts, he made arrangements days before the planned flight, executed the plan with his skilled helicopter pilot, and delivered the exceptional image you see here without compromising airline operational safety or interrupting the normal flow of traffic at LAX.

Aerial Photography Los Angeles - LAX Aerial View

Aerial Photography Los Angeles – LAX Aerial View – Our Los Angeles aerial photographer captured this view of Los Angeles International Airport during an aerial photography mission for a client. Contact us today for your Los Angeles aerial photography projects! We offer terrific prices and even better aerial photography services!

The airplane featured in the LAX aerial view is an American Airlines Boeing 767. As you may be able to see, it is on a taxiway and approaching the departure end of runway 25 R (aka runway 25 right).

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