Free Stock Footage!

Free Stock Footage? Really? Yes, really. Not only have we re-launched our stock footage store, we are now going to offer free stock footage each month to subscribers of our e-newsletter and YouTube channel. Is that awesome or what? That means every thirty days we’ll pick a new clip of aerial stock footage, cloud stock footage, time lapse stock footage, military stock footage, or one of the cool custom pieces of motion graphics we’ve created for our own projects and make it available free.

The first free stock video clip is really two clips. I’d needed a way to take high definition (HD) footage and turn it into something that looked like anamorphic or super widescreen aspect ratio footage. Since I could not find a good solution I created my own. One is an animated sequence where the footage goes from HD to widescreen. The other is a static mask. Both achieve a 2.39:1 “look” and they are free through the end of January 2015 (at least). Since they both have alpha channel transparency, all you need to do is drag and drop them on the top layer of your timeline and you are done!

Watch this video to learn more about the clips and the new free stock footage program.

Visit our stock footage store here: Royalty Free Stock Footage

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