San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant Aerial Photo

Aerial Photography San Diego - San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant Stock Photo

San Diego Aerial Photography of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. Also available as a Nuclear Power Aerial Stock Photo of San Onofre.

This nuclear power picture of the San Onofre Nuclear Plant just North of San Diego (or just South of Orange County and Irvine) captures the entire controversial complex. As far as I know as I write this, the plant has been shut down and I believe that is a permanent condition. It was decided it was too expensive to make regulator-required repairs needed to allow a re-start. But don’t hold me to those points as I’m not 100% certain of them.

A good example of how good aerial photography from an airplane can be… this was shot from a Cessna C-172 with the window open. I don’t recall our altitude but I know we had to watch restricted airspace in the vicinity.

In the background you can see traffic moving along the San Diego Freeway (405) along with the massive power line towers to carry the electricity from the nuclear plant to the countless customers throughout the region.

Looking at San Onofre through the hindsight of the terrible Japanese earthquake, tidal wave (tsunami) and nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi, I do wonder if the seawall, clearly visible in this shot, could withstand a tsunami of the same size. It does look big and beefy. But is it, or was it, big enough?

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