Aerial Photography Santa Barbara – Talking Santa Barbara Aerial Photography With Sotheby’s Santa Barbara

Aerial Photography Santa Barbara

Aerial Photography Santa Barbara - Sotheby's Montecito & Sotheby's Santa Barbara

Speaking about Santa Barbara Aerial photography to the great teams from Sotheby’s Montecito and Sotheby’s Santa Barbara… hopefully not putting them to sleep.

I had the pleasure of presenting to the fine folks of Sotheby’s Santa Barbara and Sotheby’s Montecito during their regular Tuesday morning meeting yesterday. The venue was a lovely location overlooking the water near the Santa Barbara Harbor. In today’s stress-filled, over-scheduled world, it is very rare to encounter potential clients who are generous with their time and open with their hospitality but that is exactly the good fortune I enjoyed in my contact with Senior Vice President & Brokerage Manager, Greg Tice, and his team.

After the regular business of the meeting was over (impressive sales and some great new listings coming online), I spoke a little about my background, credits, and the process of aerial photography, including the difference between the use of airplanes and helicopters. This was also an opportunity to describe the new Santa Barbara aerial photography prices I’ve introduced.

It was an educational experience for me despite my role as speaker. I was very pleased to learn how many of these elite real estate professionals were already using aerial photography and do so repeatedly. The hot topic, unsurprisingly, of RC helicopter photography, uav photography or drone photography, came up. I explained (and I will post a page here with more detail soon: Update -> page now up with FAQ on issue: RC Helicopter Photography), that while I’m very much in favor of the technology (and will offer the service at a future date), in my professional opinion, at present, it is not permissible in the United States under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

Hopefully I’ll be plying the skies above the beautiful communities of the American Rivera: Santa Barbara, Hope Ranch, Montecito and the neighboring regions as soon as the July gloom is a fading memory.

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