Airplane Stock Footage – Small Plane Engine Start Cessna HD

Airplane Stock Footage - Small Plane Engine Start Cessna HD

Airplane Stock Footage

Small Plane Engine Start Cessna HD

Royalty free HD Cessna small plane engine start stock footage is what we are featuring in this video clip. This 25 second hd stock footage makes a great sequence starter or scene ending. And it is available for an amazingly affordable price.

It is shown here un-graded at first, and that’s the way I deliver the master clip to you, so you can put whatever grade or color correction you want on it. It was shot very flat and very neutral at 24 frames per second, well, 23.976 to be precise, in full 1920x1080P high definition, with a shutter speed of 1/48th of a second, and that’s why the propeller is beautifully blurred. It was also shot on a Nikon DSLR with Nikkor glass so it has that lovely shallow DSLR depth of field.

The clip runs 25 seconds. There is no watermark on HD stock footage you download from our site.

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* There is no watermark on the master stock footage you buy.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel <-Click! (A new window will open) Please note: We literally have hundreds of hours and thousands of individual airplane stock footage clips. Only a small percent are in this shop but we are adding more for you to download all the time. Meanwhile, please use our contact form if you don’t see the high definition or SD airplane stock video you seek. We have small airplanes, business jets, military airplanes, airline jets, cargo planes, general aviation, corporate aviation, experimental aviation, LearJets, Beechcraft, single engine, and other planes, you name it! Contact us with your exact needs and we will get back to you right away! Click here now > Contact us! (a new window will open)

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