Sell Stock Footage

Or stock photos! I want to extend an invitation to the photographer, cinematographer and filmmaker community to consider joining our team of creators earning an excellent percentage from selling stock footage and stock images. We’ve been in business since 1987, been represented by Tony Stone Images (purchased by Getty), and have always also sold our stock photography and stock footage directly from our site. We know the industry very well and watched it change. Being a talented photographer or videographer is a wonderful career but knowing how to sell stock footage or stock photos can change your life for the better.

Selling Stock Footage

Our new online store allows us to add the work of a small, select group of additional producers of both stills and video stock, and share with them industry-leading percentages of their sales.

If you have HD or better (there is no real market for SD), legal (complies with the law like releases, copyright ownership, etc), unique, and beautiful stock footage (or stock photos), please visit the contact page on our site and get in touch. Send us links to online samples of your work in that first message!

Aerials, food, pets, timelapse, transportation, business, medical, aviation, military and travel are among the topics we are seeking.

We are not trying to be the biggest stock library on earth with the most footage or images, but a small, quality, niche company cherished by our customers and loved by our contributors. I left Tony Stone after it was bought by Getty because I did not want to be one fish in a giant ocean. If you are looking for something similar and produce great work, come say hi!