Q: How much are your stock video footage clips?
A: The prices vary somewhat but typically video clips are either $49.95, $99.00 or $299.95 Some special collections are higher or lower than these average prices.
Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: On download orders, generally, no. Please see our License Terms and Conditions at this link: Royalty Free License.
Q: Are all your stock video clips and stock photos royalty free?
A: Yes, each stock video footage clip and stock photo offered for sale here is royalty free, at less-than-full resolution and with restrictions on how you use the image. Most files are also available to purchase at a substantially increased price at 100% full size and maximum quality (zero compression), and, or, on less restrictive “buy out” terms. Please contact us with the file link you desire for a custom quote. Please note that “royalty-free” does not mean “no-cost.”
Q: What do you mean by royalty free?
A: Please see our License Terms and Conditions for a definitive answer. This FAQ is a summary and only provides brief guidance. Only the language in the License Terms and Conditions governs your use. Exclusive of any public domain stock video footage and public domain stock photos in our collection (please see below), “Royalty Free” generally means that any product you purchase may be used over and over again without incurring additional fees or costs. “Unlimited Use” means that the footage (or images) may be used for virtually any project including feature films; broadcast video; commercial, industrial, or educational video; games; or the internet. Some limitations are: The imagery may not be sold as a stock element or as part of any other content library or collection. Footage may not be used for computer screensavers in any way, shape or form, nor may it be used for pornographic, defamatory, or illegal material. Additionally, if the footage is used in the creation of a product that is sold in any manner (i.e., DVDs, download to rent, pay to stream (subscription or PPV), download to own, home videos, music videos, training videos, etc.) the footage may not comprise more than 25% of the project. Your license will be non-exclusive, worldwide, and in perpetuity. If you need exclusivity you will need to purchase a rights managed clip or image or hire us to shoot footage or photos on a commissioned basis. Please contact us for options.
Q: Your stock photo prices seem higher than the big stock image agencies. Why is that?
A: Several reasons: They have turned stock images into commodities as aggregators at scale (volume). Sometimes at the expense of quality for you, the customer. Regularly at the cost of the livelihoods of photographers worldwide. So just like the Walmarts of the world, they sell huge volumes at razor thin margins, driving boutique local shops out of business wherever they appear. We are owned by photographers who care about photographers and their need to make a reasonable living. Ask yourself which business model you wish to support? Beyond that, because those huge stock photo agencies sell so cheaply and at such volume, aside from the price, the images are so widely exploited (published) when customers license their images they are no longer distinct and unique because, like the sight of a pigeon in the city, they are so common as to lose all novelty. Customers are truly getting what they pay for and for savvy marketers hoping to stand out with their message, that is poison. Finally, most of our images were created by gifted photographers and filmmakers with decades of professional experience working for major international brands. Many of their shoots involved flying in extremely expensive aircraft with commercial pilots (not cheap drones) at risk to their personal safety, or, working with model released professional adult and child models. Again, this costs money. We understand not every client has a budget for our work but this also means our images will work, and work powerfully, for those that do. Thank you for your understanding.
Q: May I see a copy of your royalty free stock video footage license terms please?
A: Of course. Thank you for asking so nicely. Please review it at this link: Royalty Free Stock Footage License.
Q: PUBLIC DOMAIN STOCK FOOTAGE & PUBLIC DOMAIN STOCK PHOTOS: Some of your collection includes public domain images. Why do you charge anything for them?
A: We have gathered public domain stock footage and public domain stock photos while producing our own projects. We do not charge any license fees for supplying them whatsoever. We do not claim any copyright of them whatsoever. However, we do charge a very modest library access fee as we’ve taken the time to prepare, host and deliver them to our customers. You will be provided a copy of our Terms and Conditions when you purchase public domain stock footage and public domain stock photos from us, but that document will only cover the Terms of the transaction, not license, in that event. PLEASE NOTE: Public domain stock footage is encoded using the H264 MP4 settings (please see below) regardless of resolution (1920×1080, 1280×720 and various SD).
Q: Will the master files have a watermark? Are they watermark free stock video footage clips and watermark free stock photos?
A: No, the master files will not have any watermark.
Q: Are they watermark free stock video footage clips and watermark free stock photos?
A: Um, yes, they are watermark free stock video footage clips and watermark free stock photos upon download after purchase/payment.
Q: What codecs are used to prepare the stock footage?
A: The PhotoJPEG Very High Quality MOV files are created using the nearly lossless PhotoJPEG codec at the 100% maximum quality setting. The H264 MP4 files use the .h264 codec, VBR two (2) pass, target bitrate of 5 Mbps, Maximum bitrate of 12 Mbps. Note: In 2018 Adobe stopped supporting the PhotoJPEG codec. After much consideration while searching for a substitute, we’ve decided, beginning in 2019, that all new high definition (HD) Very High Quality stock video clips uploaded will be compressed with the .h264 codec, VBR two (2) pass, target bitrate of 50 Mbps, Maximum bitrate of 50 Mbps. All new Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K Very High Quality stock video clips uploaded will be compressed with the .h264 codec, VBR two (2) pass, target bitrate of 100 Mbps, Maximum bitrate of 100 Mbps. Both HD and 4K clips will be offered with the .mp4 file extension.
Q: What are your file size/resolution/frame rate specs?
A: Unless otherwise stated:
• 4K stock footage is 4096x2160P or 3840x2160P
• HD stock footage is 1080P
• DV stock footage is 720×480 or 720×486
• SD stock footage is 640×480
• HD stock footage is always 16:9 aspect ratio no matter what appears in the preview file.
• SD and DV stock footage could be either 16:9 aspect ratio or 4:3 aspect ratio. If it is not detailed in the file description please contact us.
• Frame rates are typically 24 (23.978 fps ) or 30 (29.97 fps), please see the file description for details. If in doubt please contact us.
• HD stock footage will consist of 2K files (1920 pixels wide). However, we are introducing a line of HD time lapse stock footage, and eventually other stock footage, sourced from 4K files. This 4K HD stock footage will be sold in HD 2K versions unless clients specifically request 4K files. The 4K HD stock footage will sell for a higher cost per clip than the 2K versions.
Q: How do I download a low resolution file to use in my rough cut or review in house?
A: First, you must have Quicktime Pro installed on your computer and the preview clip must be a legacy Quicktime MP4 file. Then, select a preview Quicktime video file on the web page. Right click if using a PC (or use the correct method on a MAC) and pick “save as” to save the file to your local hard drive. For files using YouTube previews, please contact us.
Q: How long does it take to get my download links after I order a clip for download delivery?
A: When the Internet stars are aligned the e-mail with download instructions should arrive within ten (10) minutes of your order. Be sure to check your spam folder! If something goes amiss, please keep in mind that we are a small specialty stock footage library and thus we set-up special or troubleshoot normal stock footage downloads during our regular business hours (M-F) in California. Please expect and allow up to several hours for request for assistance to be fulfilled. Please plan your schedule accordingly and understand we begin your order in the sequence received and after we see the payment confirmation (for specialty download orders – normal orders should be fulfilled automatically as described above). Thank you for your understanding.
Q: How long do I have to download my stock photos or stock footage clips?
A: You have ten (10) days from the date of order to download your stock file(s). If you have trouble, please get in touch and we will help you right away.
Q: How much are your stock images, aka stock photos?
A: It depends on the category of stock image. Our original aerial stock photos are $3,500 for royalty free license. Other subjects may be priced differently. All are single high resolution downloads (print quality). If you need lower resolution for web use and other applications you may create that version from the high definition download you purchase. We do not offer low resolution aerial stock image downloads or sales.
Q: Do your stock footage clips include audio/sound?
A: No they do not. All our stock footage clips are silent (MOS).
Q: Does your footage/photography include model or property releases?
A: Some do, some do not. Of those that do not, it may be because none are needed (an aerial stock footage clip of the ocean) or none were obtained. Per our Terms and Conditions, You are solely responsible for determining if a model release or property release is required for the intended use of the stock footage or stock photo. The file description may indicate the status of any such release with these terms: None (none exists), Yes (one exists), NA (not applicable)
Q: Do you charge/collect VAT for sales to my country?
A: While our system generates a receipt that meets the generally accepted standards for accounting in the USA, it may not meet an international client’s specific needs.