Barnstorming Stock Footage 1920s – Daring Men Collection Airplane Stock Footage Download

Barnstorming Stock Footage - Daring Men Collection Download! Airplane Stock Footage

Barnstorming Stock Footage Collection Download – Royalty Free: Thirty-seven (37) Barnstorming Stock Footage in SD for quick digital download at great royalty free prices! Archival stock footage exploring the history of aviation including wing walkers, funny plane crashes, and daring stunt pilots.

Barnstorming Stock Footage - Daring Men Collection Download! Airplane Stock Footage

Barnstorming Stock Footage – Daring Men Collection Download! Airplane Stock Footage of Barnstormers, stunt pilots, crazy plane crashes and more! Download now for an amazing price!

Barnstorming Stock Footage 1920s Collection Download

Airplane Stock Footage

If you’ve ever wondered why there are child labor laws and workplace safety rules, this video will explain it all. From the early days of aviation and flight, this barnstorming footage collection includes 37 jaw dropping clips including children performing aerial wing walking stunts (don’t yell at us, this is history documented, we think it was irresponsible and reckless and wrong too!), planes crashing into houses and barns, wing walkers transferring between planes and trains, motorcycles, planes, cars and even water skies, two trains crashing head on, a motorcycle crashing through a sheet of glass, someone dropping out of a plane in a straight jacket, and other acts of insanity. There is actually some humor in here and if nothing else, these clips are perfect for your videos urging caution, risks, insurance, and, well, mental health.

You get all thirty-seven (37) archival stock footage clips for one low price!

Barnstormers Footage Download Specifications

Frame Size: 720×486 SD
Frame Rate: 30 FPS
Length: Varies
File Type: Quicktime / MOV
Model Release: NA
Property Release: NA

Daring Men Collection Download

Featured Daring Men Collection Download Clips Include:

  • Two Steam Locomotive Trains Smashing Together In Train Crashing Stock Footage
  • Wing Walker Footage
  • Wing Walking Child Footage
  • Plane to Plane Transfer Stunt Stock Footage
  • Plane Crashing Into House Stock Footage
  • Stunt Plane Crashing Into Barn Stock Footage
  • 13 Black Cats Archival Historical Aviation Stock Footage
  • Air Race Crash Stock Footage
  • Funny Flying Attempts Stock Footage
  • Train To Plane Transfer Stunt Wing Walker Footage
  • Car Jumping A House Stock Footage
  • Motorcycle Driving Through Glass Stock Footage
  • Water Skier Picked Up By Plane Stock Footage
  • Man Hanging From Plane By Hair Stock Footage
  • Child Dancing On Top Of Balloon Wing Walking Stock Footage
  • Airplane Flying Under Bridge Stunt Pilot Stock Footage
  • Man Hanging From Plane By Teeth Stock Footage
  • Stunt Man Hanging From Plane Dragged Through Wall Of Fire Stock Footage
  • Motorcycle To Plane Transfer Stunt Stock Footage
  • Stunt Plane To Car Transfer Wing Walker Stock Footage
  • Early Glider Fail Pushed Off Cliff Plane Crash Footage
  • Man Dragged On Ground From Plane Footage
  • Man In Straight Jacket Dropped From Plane Stunt Footage
  • Man Wearing Hood Over Head Transfers Plane To Plane Wing Walking Stunt Stock Footage
  • Plane Takeoff Of Car Roof Footage
  • Stunt Man Hangs Upside Down From Bottom Of Plane Footage
  • Wing Walking Woman Stock Footage

Barnstormers Stock Footage Collection Download Preview

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