Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles

Searching for an Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles service and exploring your options? You’ve come to the right place. Contact us now to hire the Los Angeles aerial cinematography experts who offer decades of experience, the aeronautical knowledge of real pilots, and the widest possible options in aircraft and aerial cinematography camera systems. From drones to Learjets, and inexpensive helicopters to long endurance airplanes, we craft the absolutely best solution to meet your exact creative goals and budget criteria.

Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles Demo Reel

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Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles Aircraft

Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles

Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles AS-350 Astar – Écureuil Helicopter

Does your shotlist require the up close and personal intimacy of a drone, or the Top Gun-esque speed of a LearJet? Perhaps it needs the sustained velocity and muscle power of a jet helicopter to chase a fleeing villain on a boat or in a car while carrying a state of the art camera and gyro stabilized gimbal?

Maybe your project is a live sporting event that requires long endurance aerial cinematography? All these scenarios represent corners of the map one can explore when incorporating aerial filming into a production. And it is why no single aerial camera system is the best system in all cases – You and your project are unique and we can tailor an aerial filming solution that fits you like a glove.

A great way to illustrate this is to consider that drones can’t, at present, fly as high, as long, fast or far, let alone carry the weight, of a real helicopter, piston or jet powered. Turbine (jet) helicopters can consistently fly at speeds around 100 mph (usually a bit slower) and can do so for two hours (on average) at a time before refueling. All the while carrying state of the art aerial camera systems, clients, along with aerial directors of photography and even techs.

Should you require it, we can also provide an airplane that can fly for up to five hours before refueling! It carries an amazing gyro stabilized camera system with 360 views that offers a RED Epic Dragon as the standard camera on-board so you can capture in 6K UHD!

So no matter what you need, contact us to craft the right aerial filming package for you.

Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles Drones

There is a myth that using a drone for aerial cinematography is always less expensive than a helicopter. The truth is that the best quality, FAA Part 107 licensed (formally “Section 333”-exempt) Hollywood-based professional drone gimbal operators cost a substantial amount per day. And they are worth it. The equipment is costly, the crews are highly skilled professionals, the cost of getting a Part 107 commercial drone pilot’s license from the FAA must be recovered, and it adds up quickly. There are cheap drone solutions, but some are not legal, or offer camera systems that, while good, can’t match the quality of the best, large professional cameras.

Aerial cinematography drones must also be thought of as different tools than helicopters. They can do things helicopters can not – and that is amazing! But helicopters can do things with Gyron, Shotover and Cineflex gyro stablized camera gimbals carrying the best cameras from RED, Arri and others, that drones can’t do. So please keep an open mind, contact us, and let us arrange a solution, drone, helicopter or airplane, that fits your film best. To be crystal clear, we can deliver your Los Angeles drone aerial filming solution, so call or write us now! Learn more here now: Drone Aerial Video Los Angeles

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Recent Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles Work

(*Be sure you click the settings button to watch in full 1080HD as soon as you click “play”*)

The clip above is some night Los Angeles aerial cinematography of Los Angeles International Airport we shot in stunning 4K ultra HD. If you look carefully you can see the stars in the night sky as the video begins before we smoothly tilt down to reveal LAX.

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