Los Angeles Aerial Stock Footage 4K – Los Angeles International Airport – LAX Night HD

Los Angeles Aerial Stock Footage 4K - Los Angeles International Airport - LAX Night HD

This is a wonderful Los Angeles (LA) establishing shot, or simply a travel establishing shot, captured in stunning UHD 4K with a full frame sensor on a gyro stabilized camera aboard a real helicopter.

The clip begins with a jet airliner slowing on the runway after landing at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and we smoothly track the airplane as it moves from left to right while rolling out under a clear night sky.

4K Los Angeles International Airport LAX Night HD was captured with a cine-like shutter speed of 1/48th of a second and a frame rate of 29.97 FPS.

Like all of our UHD 4K stock footage, this clip is also available in high definition (HD) in both very high quality and more affordable h264 versions.

Los Angeles Aerial Stock Footage 4K

Los Angeles International Airport – LAX Night HD

This airplane stock footage beautifully illustrates modern air travel at an international airport.

Running time is 16 seconds and it is silent (MOS).

With inexpensive stock footage purchase options, the price is amazing for Los Angeles aerial stock footage of this quality!

4K Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Night Aerial Stock Footage – Download Royalty Free – Ultra High Definition stock footage. Buy it now!

4K Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Stock Footage Specifications

Frame Size(s): 3840x2160P 4K UHD & 1920x1080P HD
Frame Rate: 29.97 FPS
Length: 16 seconds
Model Release: None
Property Release: None

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