Los Angeles Aerial Stock Footage – Aerial View Downtown LA

Los Angeles Aerial Stock Footage HD Cineflex

This Los Angeles stock footage features an aerial close-up of the glass and steel of the Ritz-Carlton in downtown LA before a snap zoom takes us to a wide establishing aerial view of the skyscrapers and office buildings of downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles freeway traffic can been moving through the landmark high rise towers of the city’s heart as the shot ends framed on a perfect composition that tells your audience they are in the City of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Aerial Stock Footage

Los Angeles Stock Footage

This Los Angeles aerial stock footage was captured aboard a real helicopter shot using the Cineflex HD aerial video system at full high definition 1920×1080 at 29.97 FPS. Running time is 18 seconds. With inexpensive stock footage purchase options, the price is amazing for Los Angeles aerial stock footage of this quality!

Downtown LA Aerial Stock Footage – Download Royalty Free – Smooth Cineflex-shot Los Angeles stock footage. Buy it now!

PLEASE NOTE: That is not smog! This footage was shot on a hyper-gamma setting and we offer it here without color correction except for white balance. That is so you can color grade (correct / colorize) this footage to match your production and achieve the best possible results!

Los Angeles Aerial Stock Footage Specifications

Frame Size: 1920x1080P HD
Frame Rate: 29.97 FPS
Length: 18 seconds
Model Release: None
Property Release: None

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