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Filmmakers and other clients, are you searching for Drone Aerial Video services in Los Angeles performed legally by professionals with an FAA Part 107 commercial drone pilot’s license (formally known as “Section 333″-exempt)? Aeronautic Pictures is now offering drone aerial filming in Hollywood, Los Angeles and at locations around the world. Perhaps you already know how drone aerial video can deliver extraordinary footage unavailable through any other camera support technology? Radio Control (RC) or drone aerial filming has also been in the news and the subject of much discussion surrounding both the extraordinary advances in drone technology and the controversy over the legality of commercial drone services in the United States.

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Drone Aerial Filming Los Angeles

Drone Aerial Filming Los Angeles Videography Cinematography

Drone Aerial Filming Los Angeles

We now offer fully FAA-compliant movie-grade aerial drone video services complete with the required permission from the Federal Aviation Administration via our FAA Part 107 commercial drone licensed pilot. Now your feature film, tv commercial, music video or television show can take advantage of anything from light to heavy-duty drone systems. As you may know heavy lifting drones are capable of carrying industry standard cameras like the RED Epic, RED Scarlet, RED Raven and RED Weapon.

Professional Grade Los Angeles Aerial Video Drones

The RC aircraft we offer range from low cost 4K-capable systems to custom built reliable workhorses with redundant battery power and motors.

Drone Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles

Drone Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles

This back-up* strategy ensures you of dependable services during critical shoots where time and money matter (*when redundant systems are included in your contracted drone services package).

Lifting feature film-quality cameras from Arri (the Mini) and RED Scarlet, Epic, Weapon, etc., the drones stabilize each shot with Ronin or MOVI gimbals which provide rock solid footage and the ability to capture scenes that are simply amazing. Additional capabilities found in these feature film-quality drone systems include manual remote control of focus, zoom and aperture, depending on the drone system in use. Other brands and models of cameras and gimbals may also be carried, please contact us with your questions.

Of course, to ensure you get the shots you want each drone transmits live video for your creative team.

Professional Grade Los Angeles Drone Crew

Operated by a dedicated multi-person crew, our team ensures the reliable, safe, legal and creatively amazing performance that will make your production literally soar.

Drone Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles

Contact us now at 805.985.2320 or e-mail to get your free, no obligation quote on drone aerial video services in Los Angeles, Hollywood, or anywhere on earth. To explore other options, visit our Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles page for samples of our work with full scale aircraft and gimbal camera systems like Cineflex and Gyron!

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