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Sales / Marketing Jobs In Aerial Photography, Aerial Filming and Video Production

Achieve your personal and financial potential with Aeronautic Pictures! We provide aerial photography, aerial filming and video production services to the global boating, real estate, construction, aerospace, airline, travel, advertising, automotive and entertainment industries.

We are growing and need sales and marketing professionals to represent us to our customers in major regional markets worldwide. A real estate, aviation, boating or aerospace background plus advertising, marketing, communications or photography, video, or film production skills desired, but not required.

What’s most important are your integrity, drive and intelligence. We want quality team members who are self-motivated, bright and are pleasant to work with over the long term.

These positions involve an independent contractor relationship on a generous commission-only compensation basis. Make no mistake about it though, if you work hard you will make a very good income.

You will be expected to cover all of your business expenses including the costs of business cards, brochures and entertainment. Please e-mail your message of interest and resumes (in the body of your e-mail).

Please note that of particular interest are the regions of Los Angeles, East Coast, Mid-West, Asia, and Europe, and the advertising, upscale residential and commercial real estate, travel, tourism, boating, golf and aerospace markets.

You do not need to be located, or re-locate, to Los Angeles.

This notice is current as of February 2020.

Los Angeles Jobs

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