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Aviation Jobs In Michigan, Arizona, Texas – Florida – Kansas:

Sales Rep: Aviation & Military | Aviation Sales

Are you someone with a background in the aviation, aerospace (space), defense (military), or airline industry? Do you bring to the table a joy in executing as a team and a real pleasure in taking on challenges?

Folks who have served in the military or worked in aviation understand what this means. To paraphrase that old recruitment poster, we want you.

Los Angeles Aerial Photography Boeing 747-200 Air-to-Air PictureWe provide expert aerial and location photo and HD video production services to the global aviation, space and defense sector. By expert we mean we know our Airbus from our Cessna and our F-15E from our MV-22. Do you?

Those interested in aviation jobs are welcome from Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Texas, Kansas, California or any other location in the USA.

The person we seek has salt of the earth values. Not political values, but work ethics, professionalism, team work and drive. And a passion for the type of work we do – work that highlights the amazing things that fly and the companies and men and women who make it all possible. Where better to look for that person than Kansas, Texas, Michigan or Florida? Or perhaps it is where you are right now?

Our typical projects include trade show videos, commercials, instructional films, advertising photography, etc. We’ve been in business since 1987.

We’d appreciate it if you could send a resume with your response (please see below).

No phone calls please.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish everyone much success.

These positions involve an independent contractor relationship on a generous commission-only compensation basis. Make no mistake about it though, if you work hard you will make a very good income.

You will be expected to cover all of your business expenses including the costs of business cards, brochures and entertainment (there is no obligation to spend money on these items but if you do you pay for it yourself).

Please e-mail your message of interest and resumes (in the body of your e-mail).

This notice is current as of February 2020.

Aviation Jobs

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