Aerial Cinematography Los Angeles Options

There are many creative options for aerial cinematography Los Angeles services and camera gimbal systems these days. From unlicensed drone operators and unsafe GoPro cameras mounted on airplanes (neither of which we offer), to FAA authorized drone services and full scale feature film-quality helicopter mounted gyro stabilized camera systems like Cineflex and Gyron (which we can very much help you with!)

We offer the full spectrum of HD and UHD, legal and safe Los Angeles aerial video services to our customers in Hollywood and around the world. Please take a moment to watch our aerial filming Los Angeles demo video below.

Aerial Filming Los Angeles Demo Reel

As you may know, we also offer aerial photography Los Angeles services too, just in case.

But back to this demo reel. It is a combo demo reel, as you’ll see, but there are several examples of aerial cinematography in it. Several aerial video techniques are shown too.

Believe it or not, the shots of the black and gold Bell 407 helicopter were all accomplished handheld with a Kenyon gyro stabilizer. The camera was a Canon C300 cinema camera.

This is a viable option when cost is a consideration, as was the case with this client, but it does not yield the same results as external gimbals operated by a professional.

The aerial shot of the truck driving across the bridge at the Port of Los Angeles and the clip of the blue Bell JetRanger helicopter, were both captured by us with the Cineflex helicopter-mounted camera system. This yields incredibly stable shots and offers powerful creative options.

Aerial Filming Los Angeles

Aerial Filming Los Angeles AS-350 Astar – Écureuil Helicopter

The single aerial video shot of the office building roof in downtown Los Angeles was yet another technique, pure handheld. The sequence was captured for a major cable network series that required extensive coverage on a limited budget. Within limits, as you can see, even this technique, when performed by a skilled and experienced aerial director of photography like we offer, can deliver on screen.

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