Aerial View Of Dockweiler State Beach Near LAX

Aerial View Of Dockweiler State Beach

Aerial View Of Dockweiler State Beach Playa Del Rey

We love producing Aerial Photography Los Angeles projects for our clients. Advertising agencies, graphic designers, real estate professionals, business, Hollywood, litigation, and government agencies are all among our happy customers.

This picture was captured by our Los Angeles Aerial Photographer in Southern California over the beach near LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). Flying along the coastline above Playa Del Rey, this aerial photo shows the beauty and power of the ocean, waves and surf on man-made structures like the concrete jetty of Dockweiler State Beach.

This aerial stock photo is perfect for decorative office wall art or a fine art poster for your home. Of course we are always available for assignments in Los Angeles, greater Southern California or anywhere in the world so please get in touch if our expert aerial photography or aerial cinematography services would elevate your project.

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