Lighting Rental Ventura County

Lighting Rental Ventura County: Lighting Rental Ventura County Arri SoftbankIf you are shooting film or video in Ventura County and need to arrange lighting rental for your production please contact us for our excellent and cost effective 4 light Arri Softbank Light Rental Kit. Other camera, lighting and grip equipment items are also available, including C-Stands, green screen backdrops, etc. Please contact us for details.

    Arri Softbank Light Kit Includes:

  • 300 Watt Plus Tungsten Fresnel (120-240VAC)
  • 2 x 650 Watt Plus Tungsten Fresnel (120-240VAC)
  • Arrilite 750 Plus
  • 4 Leaf Barndoor Set for 300W Fresnel, 125W HMI, 200W Pocket PAR
  • Filter Frame for Plus 300, HMI 125W Fresnels
  • Full Single Scrim for Arrilite 600, 300W Fresnel, 125W HMI Fresnel – 5″
  • Full Double Scrim for Arrilite 600, Fresnel 300W, 125W – 5″
  • FKW Lamp (300W, 120V)
  • 3 x 4 Leaf Barndoor Set for 650W Fresnel, 200W HMI, 400W Pocket PAR
  • 2 x Filter Frame for 650W Fresnel, 200W HMI Fresnel
  • 3 x Full Single Scrim for 650 Fresnel, Arrisun 2, HMI Fresnel 200 – 6-5/8″
  • 3 x Full Double Scrim for 650W Fresnel, Arrisun 2, HMI 200W – 6-5/8″
  • 2 x FRK Lamp – 650 Watts/120 Volts
  • 750W HPL LAMP 120V
  • Chimera Video Pro Plus 1 Bank (Small)
  • 4 x AS-2 Lightweight Stand – 8.5′
  • Accessory Pack for Fresnel Lights
  • 571197 Heavy-duty Location Case

Lighting Rental Ventura County

Arri Softbank Light Kit Rental Rates*:
$125 per day
$500 per week
*Rates for lighting rental only. Also available with gaffer, please contact us for rates.
Rental Requirements:
Certificate of Insurance naming us “Additionally Insured Loss Payee” and rental deposit (cash or credit card for value of light rental kit).

Ready to arranging your lighting rental? Please schedule your light rental via the contact link at the bottom of this page.

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